Sunday, 25 September 2016

Moving in and first impressions

So one week ago I moved in!  I’m really lucky because my accommodation is right next to LCoM so I can get to classes and lectures within five minutes. 

Everyone was so incredibly friendly when I moved in – any initial nerves I may have had were immediately forgotten as I met all the other undergrads moving away from home for the first time as well.  My flat is perfect for me and as soon as we’d unloaded everything from the car and started to unpack, I felt very at home and knew I’d be really happy living here for the next year (or three, if I decide to apply for this accommodation again).  The block has a common room, friendly reception are and a laundry so, other than shopping or going into college, there’s almost no reason to leave although who wouldn’t want to when you have the whole of Leeds on your doorstep? 

My first night alone here was a very strange experience…  I have a studio flat which means I live on my own with no flatmates which meant no distractions from the bizarre sensation of suddenly being responsible for everything and no longer a child.  It feels so weird and I really didn’t know how I was going to survive the weeks but I found that making myself focus on unpacking and cooking really helped and I woke up the next day feeling a lot more normal and excited for everything ahead. 
Thanks for reading and sharing my first impressions and moving in experience with me – just a short post for today but I hope you enjoyed it and it helps in some way to know that however terrifying the first week seems, it passes quickly and everyone is feeling exactly the same.

Next time I’ll be looking at Freshers’ week and the different ways of approaching it xx 

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