Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Application and Audition Advice: Part 2

Here is the continued list of points from my last post, this time covering my auditions:

  • Due to some complications, I wasn't able to tell my flute teacher I was applying for conservatoire until 2 weeks before I submitted my CUCAS application in October which, as you can imagine, left little time for preparation.  One thing that I'm really glad I did during this time was check all the conservatoires' websites and make a note of any specified pieces or scales.  I think this is one of the most important things to do - there's nothing so stressful as discovering you have to play a particular piece or study, two weeks before the audition.
  • I really struggled when deciding where to apply - I knew I wanted to apply for conservatoires but I was so torn between Royal Academy, Royal College and Royal Scottish!  I spend quite a lot of time researching the areas, accommodation and general living costs and I'm really glad I did as aside from helping me deicde where to apply, I learned some useful info about the other colleges I'm likely to apply to for postgrad.
  • When I'd decided on my choices and sent my application, it was such a relief as I was able to concentrate solely on preparation so I'd really recommend getting your application done as early as possible.  Obviously I wouldn't advise rushing it but as soon as you know what you want to study, get your personal statement done and start looking at colleges!  It really does take more time than you think...
  • This sounds crazy but, on a more practical note, if you need photocopies for the audition panel (and by the way, unless stated otherwise, they only require ONE copy between them) get them done as soon as you can!!  I swear the most stressful thing about this term was photocopying a piece the night before one of my auditions - just don't even go there...
  • Pick pieces you love - in the end you're there because you love singing/playing your instrument.  If you can really show the panel how much passion you have for what you play, you're already half way to being accepted, and if you're not then it was just another chance to perform what you love!
  • Make sure you eat on the morning of your audition - I really struggle to eat in the mornings anyway so during my journey I just kept snacking on little things whenever I felt I could.  Carrot sticks are the way to go...
  • Take full advantage of your warm up time: the time each college allocates varies a lot -Leeds gives a luxurious 25 minutes, Wales give 20 minutes and Trinity give 15 - so you need to plan exactly what you need to do when you get in there and know what's most imporant for you to cover if for some reason your time is cut short.  You may of course find you don't need all the time - if you're honestly feeling confident about something, don't push it.
  • Most of all - I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope it's an amzing experience!

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