Friday, 11 December 2015

What's next?...

Recently I was lucky enough to be given a guaranteed unconditional offer to my conservatoire, meaning I no longer have to worry about my A level results as my place is confirmed.  As happy and really quite amazed, let's be honest here, as I am, it has put me in a stuation that is totally new to me - theoretically, right now I could drop my A levels and 6th form, gve up practising flute and, money problems aside, go and live in Venice for a year.  Obviously I'm not actually going to do that but still it's got me thinking.  I've never been in such a priviliged position before - there's always been something I have to work for or a plan that could fall through so having the knowledge that whatever happens in the rest of my year, whatever my A level results are, I'll have a place waiting for me to study flute is really the loveliest feeling!

I do realise that after finishing my undergraduate degree, I may want to do my masters and I may need to have good A levels for this so I'm still going to work as hard as possible to get the best grades I can, as well as the fact that, after music, linguistics is my favourite subject and as I'm doing two A levels in English Language & English Literature, so why wouldn't I want to continue with and work hard at them?!  I am really struggling to keep on top of sixth form work at the moment though - juggling flute practice and essay writing etc... is so difficult!  I'm thinking next term should be easier though: with the break Christmas will hopefully provide and the relief after finishing all my auditions will make the term so much less stressful!

Most of all, I want to cover as much as I possibly can regarding flute before my course starts, so that I'm as ready as I can be to start.  My main flute-specific goal is to increase my sound - I've got several performances and auditions for performance opportunities coming up hopefully this will all help.

I'm not sure how far I will end up following this plan but I'll keep you posted!  How are you going to fill your time until you start uni?  Do you have any exciting travel plans or work experience in store?

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